Hello, my name is Andrew S. Pogany — I was born and raised in Los Angeles, earned degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA, and have been working in publishing, brand development, and content strategy, and  a brand strategist and content creator for over 15 years.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Executive Editor of Evolve Media; Writer/Researcher at The Scenic Route, developing  for the Petersen Automotive Museum; editor-in-chief of Flaunt magazine; and as the original brand content editor for Demand Media, now Leaf Group.

Presently self-employed, I’ve held critical roles within brands and businesses that span art, fashion, technology, and the environment. Adept at collaborating with key stakeholders on R&D, brand positioning, digital publishing, and/or content solutions, clients include Jacques Marie Mage, Newlight Technologies, August Getty Atelier, Mindmedium Agency, Nike NTC, Playboy, New Community Music, and others.

Some Press Moments: