Tofer Chin: Man Behind the Mural

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Venture into North Hollywood this Saturday for the official unveiling of “Three,” the latest in a series of large-scale outdoor murals by artist Tofer Chin. With the 100-ft wide siding of the MIDCENTURYLA warehouse as his canvas, Chin utilizes three colors—black, white, and a brilliant blue—to create a striking horizon that almost perfectly mimics and blends into L.A.’s cloudless cerulean sky. In the foreground, three angular shapes appear to precariously rise from the earth, geometric abstractions that resemble peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains, or the fallen edifices of Downtown skyscrapers. That duality, between the natural and man-made, between environment and artifice, has long been at the center of Chin’s decade-long art practice, during the course of which he’s had solo shows in San Francisco, New York, and Barcelona, created large public installations in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and published two books of photography (Finger Bang and Vacation Standards). However, “Three” takes on special significance not just because it so masterfully reflects (and deflects) the distinctly SoCal environs, but because it’s the Encino-raised artist’s first ever (sanctioned) mural in The Valley. To celebrate, come catch a cool beverage, check out Chin’s new limited-edition giclee prints made especially for the occasion, and bask in the much-needed beautification.