Iconograph #2

Project Description: Served as Contributing Editor for ICONOGRAPH #2, published by Them Thangs Editions.

icono__0018_COVERPress Release

ICONOGRAPH #2, Newest Release by Them Thangs Editions, Features Works From 32 International Artists.


Dec. 18, 2012

Them Thangs Editions presents ICONOGRAPH #2, curated and published by Justin Blyth, with contributing editors Hassan Rahim, Justin Van Hoy & Andrew Pogany.

Due for release on January 15, 2012, ICONOGRAPH #2 is the second print offering in an ongoing series that gathers an eccentric collection of visual media and literature exploring the contemporary use of Ritualistic Iconography—the systems of symbols, mythic representations, and religious imagery from which we seek meaning.

ICONOGRAPH #2 features work from 32 artists from around the world, including Michael Willis, Adam Tullie, Carey Haider, Andrew Kuykendall, Eliot Lee Hazel, Julien Langendorff, Daniel Albrigo, Curtis Kulig, Dan Monick, Cleon Peterson, Joel Evey, Max Snow, Ward Heirwegh, and Department International, among others. It also includes a literary portfolio with writing from Barry Graham, Ernest Hardy, Larry Fondation, Maya Stocks and others.

ICONOGRAPH #2 is an 80-page curated document, offset printed on an 8-color Heidelberg press in Belgium, in an edition of 750. It is privately funded and contains no advertising, promotion, album reviews, or horoscopes.

The publication is dedicated to the untimely passing and memory of Justin Van Hoy, a renowned artist, gallery owner, and all-around inspiration.

ICONOGRAPH #2 is available for purchase at http://www.them-thangs.com and at select stores. Please see website for details.

icono__0004_ZINE02 icono__0001_CATS

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