Can’t Stop Winning — The Zine

Project Description: Served as editor, designer, and publisher of the band Sweaters’ zine manifesto, which accompanied the release of their record by White Iris.


“L.A.’s soulful pop rockers Sweaters are not just a band, they’re a lifestyle. Or so says Can’t Stop Winning, their manifesto and 7″ single produced by White Iris Records. Few have attempted the record/manifesto combo, but Sweaters’ philosophy of obeying their instincts led them to this unlikely confluence of music and text. Each ‘Can’t Stop Winning / Like Ur Killing a Man’ record will include the 24-page manifesto (Echo Park Books) that delineates the world according to Sweaters: ‘At one point, sooner or later, you’ve got to stand up and decide it’s time to start winning.'”
D. Tewksbury, LA Weekly

Picture 3087-SWEATERS-TEXT-WEB-1


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