Power To The Peaceful, A Benefit Featuring Eric Garcetti



October 10, 2006

Flaunt Magazine Presents “Power To The Peaceful,” A Revolutionary Night Of Performances Held At The Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood) on October 25, 2006

Never one to go with the status quo, for the month of October, Flaunt magazine, in an unprecedented publishing move, printed a cover without artwork, photos, or even the title of the magazine. Instead, the slogan, “War Is Over (If You Want It),” popularized by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, is all that appeared.

Dubbed the “Peace of Mind” issue, Flaunt dedicated its pages to provocative socio-political topics, ranging from activism in music to waste in the ocean, from socially conscious filmmakers to animal rights terrorists. Inspired by the recently released documentary, The U.S. vs. John Lennon (Lions Gate), the “Peace of Mind” issue is geared towards creating what Lennon himself advocated:  a life-affirming worldview.

Looking to further ignite the spirit of change, on Wednesday, October 25,2006, Flaunt magazine is teaming up with the Young Progressive Majority (YPM) to invite 600 select friends to attend “Power To The Peaceful,” a timely event held at the historic Roosevelt Hotel’s prestigious ballroom. The night will include readings and commentary from the politicians, activists, and artists included in the Flaunt “Peace of Mind” issue- which will no doubt leave the audience wondering, “What can I do?”  YPM will present real world ways in which the average young citizen can make change.

The Young Progressive Majority is a group of young artists and professionals committed to increasing the vote for local progressive politics. YPM’s goal is to increase the 25-35 vote by 7% by 2008.

Confirmed speakers at the event include 35 year old L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti, as well as Tim Goodrich, co-founder of the Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW),with new confirmations being added daily. Esteemed DeeJay duo Part Time Punks will be providing the soundtrack to the evening.

“Power To The Peaceful” will offer hors d’ oeuvres and complimentary cocktails; limited edition Peace of Mind” tee shirts, printed charitably by Blue Tattoo, will be for sale, along with shirts by Paula Thomas for TW, FiveFour, and YPM. All proceeds will be donated to select non-profits featured in the “Peace of Mind” issue.

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